Introducing the “Tough Treads” side bars for bakkies that refuse to shy away from rough roads and rugged adventures!

Tired of your bakkie feeling like it’s tiptoeing through tulips instead of tackling tough terrain? Say goodbye to awkward maneuvers and hello to our side bars, the trusty companions your bakkie needs.

Crafted from steel so strong, it could double as a bridge for ants, our side bars are built to handle whatever the road throws their way. Potholes, jagged rocks, surprise mud pits – bring it on! Our side bars will have your bakkie strutting through the chaos like a runway model at a fashion show.

With the “Tough Treads” by your side, you’ll have more swagger than a rooster in a henhouse. So go ahead, conquer those off-road trails, navigate through the urban jungle, or simply park like a pro – because with our side bars, your bakkie is ready to roll with confidence.

Upgrade to the “Tough Treads” today and let your bakkie step up its game – because why settle for tiptoeing when you can stomp through life with style?

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