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Your vehicle is an investment – don’t let it turn into a rust bucket. Give it the protection it deserves with a spray-on bed liner from Rhino Linings. A genuine Rhino is not only tough by nature but also by design and it outperforms any other type of liner available. It allows your vehicle to perform the way it was meant to perform.

Rhino Linings remains the leading applicator of spray-on bed liners. Our professionally trained applicators ensures that our high quality products are applied correctly to offer your vehicle the best protection available. The process is completed in 3 steps ie preparation, spraying and finishing. It takes 2 – 4 hours from start to finish and your vehicle is ready for use the same day. See a quick overview of the process see below.


Rhino Linings pioneered spray-on bed liners in 1983. We have been developing and manufacturing the toughest and highest quality polyurethane elastomer systems in the world for almost 40 years. We launched a worldwide industry that has seen that have seen thousands of applicators benefit from our development of a spray-on polyurethane elastomer system.

  • Tough as a Rhino’s skin. Our system is 100% polyurethane – as opposed to other polyurethane/polyurea blends – providing the ultimate protection.
  • All the protection you need. Despite your vehicle’s toughness, its load bed remains its worst enemy due to corrosion caused by water, salt, acids and other chemicals. Rhino Linings’ seamless, air and watertight bond offers the best protection against corrosion.
  • Increased resale value. Preventing rust and scratches ensures that your truck is in a better condition when you sell it. Wouldn’t you pay more for a Rhino Lined truck than a damaged, corroded vehicle?
  • Used on ALL vehicles. Rhino Linings is custom sprayed to fit each vehicle’s unique contours.

2 Available options

Standard Lining

Heavy Duty Lining

  • Space for other accessories. Rhino Linings fits your load bed like a glove – allowing for the installation of other accessories like roll tops, tonneaus, canopies and sports bars without any issues.
  • Haul cargo with confidence. The thick slip resistant surface of a Rhino Linings bed liner allows you to confidently take those corners. Alleviate cargo sliding – which can cause damage or get damaged – by applying a Rhino Linings spray-on bed liner.
  • Outperforms other bed liners. Our tried and tested formula has been perfected over almost 40 years, thus offering you the best protection available. There are many reasons why an Original Spray-in bedliner by Rhino Linings outperforms Plastic Liners or DIY Liners … here are some of the reasons, even after almost 4 decades, Rhino Linings remain the number 1 choice for vehicle protection.
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