Ford Ranger Double Cab Canopy


2012 to Current

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Standard Features

  • Automotive toughened glass
  • UV resistant gel coat
  • Colour matching to vehicle
  • Lockable slam latches
  • Rubber glazed side windows
  • Fibreglass rear door

Platnium Features

  • Full curved rear glass door
  • High level brake light
  • Battery operated interior light
  • Frameless glass side sliding windows
  • Flush mounted side sliding windows


  • Roof Rails
  • Polyurethane bin lining
  • Smash and grab window tinting
  • Canopy cab slider
  • Bakkie Cab Slider
  • Roof Reinforcing
  • Cabover Roof Racks
  • Sporty Roof Racks
  • Doggy Bars
  • Towbar
  • Nudge Bars


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